This portfolio showcases recent work from Jason Scott while working as a Lead UX Designer for Microsoft.  Due to the nature of disclosure for my work, only publicly announced work is represented in this portfolio.

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Halo 5 E3 2015 Booth Experience

Date: June 2015

Holographic Commander Palmer, standing on top of glass table.

Role: Lead Experience Designer

Synopsis:  The Halo 5 E3 booth experience was an exclusive event where guests were virtually transported to the UNSC Infinity with the magic of mixed reality holograms using HoloLens.  After being fitted with HoloLens, guests would navigate to a briefing table then receive a holographic briefing for how to play the new Halo5 multiplayer gametype: Warzone.


  • Responsible for delivery of entire experience flow
  • Worked closely with 343 lead writer to verify demo script followed canon
  • Wrote demo script
  • Designed and developed demo feature set
  • Led prototype teams to prove out demo systems and features
  • Implemented initial graybox for all beats of demo flow
  • Developed and implemented all transition animations
  • Led build reviews
  • Coordinated with team to finalize operational procedures for the booth
  • Led VIP wing during E3, ensuring that the booth had zero hardware failures, team operated efficiently, while maintaining high morale
  • Personally demoed to numerous VIPs



  • 68 E3 show nominations, with 39 wins
  • World first general public HoloLens experience
  • World first multiplayer HoloLens experience

HoloLens Announce Demo: Minecraft Holobuilder

Date: Jan. 2015


Role: Lead UX Designer

Synopsis:  The Minecraft Holobuilder demo successfully combined the addictive freeform play of Minecraft with the magic of mixed reality holograms.  Guests watch as HoloLens scans their living room and then transforms every wall, floor, and piece of furniture into Minecraft blocks complete with a castle built under and right through a virtual hole in a coffee table.  Guests build on surfaces, remove chunks out of their furniture, and use dynamite to blow holes in walls revealing Minecraft caverns that extend beyond the room’s physical boundaries.



  • Responsible for the overall delivery of all experience features
  • Designed demo story flow
  • Led prototype teams
  • Designed entire Interaction system and UI
  • Designed and implemented key level elements
  • Drove feature teams to achieve high quality delivery during very short production cycle
  • Designed demo space, sourced furniture and decor
  • Directed demo feature video for Microsoft internal documentary purposes
  • Led build reviews
  • Demoed experience to members of media during announce event, including several VIP guests


  • Completed full production cycle in less than 3 months
  • Generated highest number of positive media impressions compared with other HoloLens demos at announce

HoloLens Announce Demo: HoloStudio

Date: Jan. 2015


Role: UX Designer

Synopsis:  The HoloStudio demo is the first mixed reality creation experience where users can build naturally in 3D just like in real life.



  • Designed and developed holographic UI system
  • Led multi-discipline prototype teams
  • Prototyped alternate interaction systems


  • First demo to showcase HoloLens to the world
  • Most influential demo in shaping final HoloLens hardware

HoloLens Device’s Day: Project X-Ray

Date: Oct. 2015


Role: Game Designer

Synopsis: Project X-Ray was an early prototype, revived to showcase real room destruction and a new handheld visual tracking controller.



  • Designed and developed initial concept
  • Led experience team to prove out early demo features
  • Drove multi-discipline prototype teams to develop visual tracking controller


  • World’s first demo showcasing holograms attached and tracked to a handheld controller