This portfolio showcases recent work from Jason Scott while working as a Creative Director and UX Designer for Microsoft as a part of the HoloLens Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality Team.  Due to the nature of disclosure, only publicly released work is showcased in this portfolio and represents a mere fraction of the projects and initiatives with which I have been a part.

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ThyssenKrupp HoloLens Proof of Concept | Fall 2016

Role: Creative Director

Synopsis: As a part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Acceleration Program, my team partnered with ThyssenKrupp Elevators to help improve their chairlift installation process.  Chairlifts are designed to help customers with limited mobility easily travel between floors of their home.  TK’s existing installation process included using cumbersome photogrammetry techniques that required specialized technicians to spend multiple hours within a customer’s home with the entire process taking 2 weeks or more.  Over 6 weeks, in collaboration with TK, my team was tasked to improve the process while maintaining millimeter accurate stairway capture.


  • Established  vision, goals, and process for the product team
  • Served as liaison between partner team and product team to ensure clear communication of requirements and deliverables
  • Provided guidance to design lead throughout entire creative process and development cycle
  • Conducted regular product reviews and provided vital feedback to ensure user experience, interaction design, visual style, user interface aligned with partner goals and requirements


  • ThyssenKrupp’s process was reduced from 2 weeks, down to 15 minutes through the use of HoloLens
  • Eliminated the need for a specialist, the step-by-step process can now be conducted by the salesman during a single customer visit
  • Added new features to the customer experience including the ability for the customer to preview the finished product in their home and customize the options of their purchase

SAAB Defense HoloLens Proof of Concept | Summer 2016

Role: Creative Director

Synopsis: As part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Acceleration Program, my team partnered with SAAB Defense of Australia for 6 weeks to re-imagine their their military engagement training software with world locked holograms via HoloLens.  The result was a working proof of concept that enabled easy-to-use multi-user collaboration on a holographic map that utilizes real map and simulation data all packaged into an easy to transport solution and serves as their foundation for building the full application.


  • Established vision, goals and process for entire engagement
  • Served as liaison between external partner and internal product team
  • Provided guidance to product leads team to ensure successful product delivery
  • Conducted regular product reviews and provided vital feedback to ensure user experience, interaction design, visual style, user interface aligned with partner goals and requirements


Project X-Ray | Optical Controller Demonstration | Oct. 2015


Role: Lead UX Designer

Synopsis: My team was tasked with developing an experience to showcase the value and utility of our new optically tracking handheld controller in 3 months to be publicly showcased during the Device’s Day Keynote presentation in Oct. 2015.



  • Drove multi-discipline prototype teams to develop visual tracking controller, identify device requirements, and define experience design guidelines
  • Designed and developed initial concept
  • Led experience team to prove out early demo features


  • World’s first demo showcasing holograms successfully attached and tracked to a handheld controller

Full Demo Below:

Halo 5 Warzone | HoloLens E3 Booth | June 2015

Holographic Commander Palmer, standing on top of glass table.

Role: Lead UX Designer

Synopsis:  This project was expressly designed to help Microsoft “win” E3, something that had not been accomplished in several years.  With the upcoming release of both Halo 5 and HoloLens, my team partnered with 343 Industries to create a holographic theme park ride that teaches guests how to play the new Warzone multiplayer gametype while showcasing the magic of HoloLens to the general public for the first time.


  • Responsible for design, development, and delivery of entire experience flow
  • Led multi-disciplinary prototype teams to prove out demo systems and features
  • Worked as liaison between 343 and HoloLens team to verify demo followed Halo game and story canon
  • Designed and developed demo feature set
  • Implemented initial graybox for all beats of demo flow
  • Developed and implemented all transition animations
  • Wrote full demo script
  • Led VIP wing during E3, ensuring that the booth had zero hardware failures, team operated efficiently, while maintaining high morale
  • Personally demoed to numerous VIPs



  • The booth line filled to capacity within 1 minute of the show floor opening all 3 days of the expo
  • 68 E3 show nominations, with 39 wins
  • World first general public HoloLens experience
  • World first multiplayer HoloLens experience

Minecraft Holobuilder | HoloLens Announce Demo | Jan. 2015


Role: Lead UX Designer

Synopsis:  My team was challenged to create a HoloLens announcement showcase that marries the addictive free form gameplay of Minecraft with the differentiated feature set of HoloLens in less than 3 months.



  • Responsible for the design, development, and overall delivery of all experience features
  • Designed demo story flow
  • Led prototype teams
  • Designed entire Interaction system and UI
  • Designed and implemented key level elements
  • Drove feature teams to achieve high quality delivery during very short production cycle
  • Designed demo space, sourced furniture and decor
  • Directed demo feature video for Microsoft internal documentary purposes
  • Led build reviews
  • Presented to members of media during announce event, including several VIP guests


  • Completed full production cycle in less than 3 months
  • Generated highest number of positive media impressions compared with other HoloLens demos at announce

HoloStudio | HoloLens 3D Building App | Jan. 2015


Role: UX Designer

Synopsis:  My team was tasked with developing an application to be shipped with v1 HoloLens that showcases building naturally in 3D while driving requirements for the “airtap” interaction method.



  • Designed and developed holographic toolkit UI system including piece selection, navigation, button controls, etc.
  • Led multi-discipline prototype teams to prove out toolkit UI systems


  • First working demo used to publicly showcase HoloLens to the world